Meet the Members

Alicia Thomas - Houston, Texas

My introduction to Lady Clay Shooters was a flyer in a storefront window for the ladies’ shoot nearly four years ago. I registered for the email list. Unfortunately, I missed the ladies shoot but received the email for summer league. I immediately signed up. I had no idea what sporting clays was. I thought it was skeet until I looked at the email a week before league began. I quickly went to American Shooting Center to test my skills (I was horrible), but decided to give it a try, and if I did not like it I figured I could quietly slip away and no one would know.

Well, my first day was such a great experience! I was immediately hooked. Barbara was very welcoming. We were all introduced and paired up with some of the regulars. I was paired with Electra Berry, Shawna Escobar and Jennifer Grubbs. They took the time to explain why I missed and how to correct it. I have not missed an opportunity to shoot with the Lady Clay Shooters since that day. Over the past four years, I have met some great lifelong friends. I was asked to join the board a year ago and have loved every minute. Knowing that we are able to contribute to Be an Angel and give back to the community is an added plus. I would encourage any lady that is looking to have fun and shoot with a great bunch to join the Lady Clay Shooters.

Jessica Forsdick - Houston, Texas

The Lady Clay Shooters has been such an important part of my life for the past several years! I decided to take up Sporting Clays as a hobby and figured there had to be a group of women in Houston, Texas that got together to shoot. After conducting an internet search (if you get to know me you learn I google everything) I found a website for the Lady Clay Shooters. I input my email and soon after received an invite for a group clinic. After attending, I was hooked!
The women were fun and not at all intimidating. Even the best shooters were welcoming! After that I came to summer league. I have to admit I was so nervous to show up by myself, but I immediately met a bubbly woman named Alicia. I knew instantly we would be great friends! I have helped at Camp Be An Angel, met up on random weekends to shoot, gone on weekend lake trips, enjoyed meals and drinks, and just shared my life with these women. Our ages, professions, and life experiences can vary greatly, but I have become so close with all of them. Serving on the board has been a true honor and I'd be so happy to welcome more ladies to our group.

Katelin Holliday, Junior Shooter - Montgomery, Texas

My experience with the Lady Clay Shooters has always been great! The group is so diverse that I feel right at home when I shoot. You don't have to worry about skill level because everyone is mostly just out here to have a good time while doing the sport we all love the most.

The charity shoot is one of my favorite shoots of the year.  Although this shoot is a lot fun and laid back, it can also be competitive.  It is so much fun to go out there as a young girl and try to beat all the women and men who participate.  But the best part is shooting with my dad.  Shooting with my dad is always a blast!  It has brought us closer together, and we get to spend quality time doing something we both love!

Lauren Lee, Junior Shooter - Houston, Texas

I had just started learning how to shoot. As a young shooter (14 years old), my parents had helped me search for clubs or organizations to join when we came across the Lady Clay Shooters Organization. Being new to shooting, I was excited yet a little timid about joining, but when I met Barbara Garney, she welcomed me as if she had known me my entire life. Although I was a beginner, the other ladies were patient with me and guided me on what I needed to do to improve my skills. I will always remember this feeling and would encourage others to join the Lady Clay Shooters no matter the age or level of experience.


Lisa Darby - Pearland, Texas

Wow! This is a fun group! From shooting with Batman and Robin at the “Boo Shoot” in Sealy to the Blackwood Gun Club in Conroe, which felt more like the backwoods with all the beautiful palmettos and trees, this group is super approachable and encourages all levels of shooters.
I am so excited about being in this organization and want others to know about it. These ladies are nurturing, funny, and really good sports. Try it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Michelle Jeffrey - Houston, Texas

I have had the fortune to shoot with Lady Clay Shooters for almost forever. My first interaction with ladies and guns was back when they had a different name but were shooting pistol and rifle. I loved the idea of being able to shoot with my fellow ladies and not always with the guys. So my first competition with rifle and pistol, I walked away with a brand new Glock pistol that had the logo of the club engraved in it. That was the coolest thing I had ever done, and I still have that memento.

Over the years, the club has changed names, members, and leaders. It has been a learning opportunity for me, and I have grown to appreciate the time and dedication that all my fellow members invest into each other. It’s not all about shooting but about finding those certain people that will encourage you and cheer you on no matter what. I now get to share my love of shooting with my daughter Becca. She started shooting with the ladies during summer league and has since joined her own club within the 4-H. She is having so much fun and I’m glad that we have something to share with each other. I would not change my experiences and especially the friends I have made over the years. This is one of the best and most enjoyable experiences that I consistently have on a daily basis.

Robin Anderson - Pearland, Texas

Lady Clay Shooters, Inc. brings ladies from all walks of life together to shoot for fun and at the same time for a great cause. Lady Clays makes competition enjoyable with their relaxed atmosphere and comradery. Beginner shooters are always welcomed as well as encouraged and supported by the seasoned shooters. If you are a lady that is a beginner, novice or expert with a shotgun, Lady Clay Shooters is a THE organization to be involved with!

I have been a competitor in one way or another for most of my life, from driving race cars to showing horses and most recently, barrel racing . . . . I was all about pushing the limits. The first time I shot sporting clays though, I felt like I should probably find a more suitable sport after turning out such a lackluster performance. It’s not in my nature to be a quitter though so I stayed with it, practiced and kept plugging away until my scores began to show improvement, all with the help and support of my fellow Lady Clay Shooters. I have been shooting sporting clays tournaments now for almost 10 years and I’m still hooked. I am proud to say that I was the first lady to earn the prestigious honor of having my name engraved on the Lady Clay Shooters traveling trophy!

In my decade long shooting career I have won money, prizes, guns, numerous trophies, buckles and even two golf/shooting carts! My most recent and coveted accomplishment was winning an NSCA National Championship in the E Class last October, 2016. I also placed 2nd in the .410 and 6th place in the 20 sub gauge classes; I was also E Champion in the Lady and Veteran concurrent classes. I brought home three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so blessed that I was able to be part of it.

Thank you, Lady Clays, for all of the support and encouragement!

Cindy Gise- Cypress, Texas

Texas girl - born and raised! From Dallas originally, I made my home in the Houston area for over 37 years. While studying Marketing at Stephen F. Austin State University, I met and married the love of my life – Dan. We raised two children who each have families of their own. Between working as an Accounting Administrator at Colliers International, I spread my time between quilting, cooking, shooting and 4 grandchildren!

“Growing up in Texas I was surrounded by hunting enthusiasts – all men.  I never witnessed a woman shooting a gun until after I was married. My husband took me out to try his shotgun and I shot it once. Scared me to death! Didn’t handle a gun for another 30 years!

While my husband and I eventually shared the love of skeet shooting, it bothered me that I hardly ever saw women at the shooting range. So I began to search for women shooting coaches and possibly a women’s shooting league. That’s where I found Lady Clay Shooters. What an awesome day that was!

Through Lady Clay Shooters I have found the most amazing group of ladies who share their passion for shooting. Not only have I learned how to shoot better, they have taught me so much about equipment and ammo. And they truly care about each lady as a person - always supportive, encouraging and compassionate.

And it doesn’t stop there. The ladies of Lady Clay Shooters are the most generous people in their support of Be An Angel. Everything they do is for the benefit of these wonderful children and their families. What a glorious day when I found Lady Clay Shooters!”

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