2018 Summer League * American Shooting Centers * June 13-August 8 (Read More)

2018 Summer League
American Shooting Centers

Have some fun in the sun!

Become part of the Lady Clay Shooter’s Summer Tradition!


In 2009 a group of six ladies took to the course and started a tradition that continues to grow. With shotguns in hand and a hat to beat the summer heat, these ladies decided to take charge of their shotgunning skills.  It was their intent to practice shooting targets, meet fellow female shooters, and to improve their shooting skills. Over the course of the years, the location and number of targets has varied, but the intent is still the same.  Meet fellow female shooters, have some fun in the sun with a gun, and improve your shooting skills.  Join us this year as we continue a summer tradition.

June 13th-August 8th
American Shooting Centers

League Fee-One Time Only-$25.00
Covers cost of Lewis Class Awards
Best 6 out of 8 Scores

76 Targets Weekly
$38.00 paid weekly to American Shooting Centers

Three Start Times
4:00 P.M.
5:00 P.M.
6:00 P.M.

Make-Ups Available
Must be shot with another league player
Only 2 make-ups scored

Easily walkable!




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