2018 Summer League * American Shooting Centers * June 13-August 8 (Read More)

2018 Summer League
American Shooting Centers

Have some fun in the sun!

    Summer League- A Tradition!


In 2009 a group of six ladies took to the course and started a tradition that continues to grow. With shotguns in hand and a hat to beat the summer heat, these ladies decided to take charge of their shotgunning skills.  It was their intent to practice shooting targets, meet fellow female shooters, and to improve their shooting skills. Over the course of the years, the location and number of targets has varied, but the intent is still the same—meet fellow female shooters, have some fun in the sun with a gun, and improve your shooting skills.

Once again in 2018, a new group of ladies took to the course at American Shooting Centers.  Naturally, there were some familiar faces and some new faces, as well as some junior and veteran shooters.  Undaunted by the summer heat and the occasional Houston thunderstorm, these ladies continued the original tradition; shooting 76 weekly targets throughout the weeks of June 13th to August 8th.

Although Lewis Class awards are presented at the end of play, this is not why most of the women come out weekly to shoot.  They truly come out to practice, spend some time with their friends, and to welcome other female shooters.

As always, the Lady Clay Shooters try to be as accommodating as possible by offering three start times and permitting two make-up rounds. Even though the summer heat is

Now where is the rest of my squad?

often grueling, most of the ladies use their pushcarts; allowing more time for visiting and getting to know each other.  Newcomers have no need to worry if they do not have a pushcart, someone is always willing to share their cart and take turns pushing.  If you talk to this group of ladies most of them will be quick to tell you how they have made some of their dearest friends over the course of the summer.

Geared-Up and Ready to Go!




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