Gun Care & Maintenance Workshop-February 11, 2018 *Hot Wells Shooting Range*(Read More)

Gun Care & Maintenance Workshop
Hot Wells Shooting Range

Sunday, February 11, 2018
11:00 A.M. t0 2:30 P.M

         A Tribute to the Bold   

Dressed in coats to bear the bitter cold,
Came kindred spirits; oh so bold!
Packed with ammo & shotgun in hand,
This determined group arrived to follow their plan.

A safety briefing & then targets could fly;
Giving skeet & five-stand an earnest, shivering try.
Back in the heat, sitting down with sandwiches for lunch;
With chips & cookies & (of course) lemonade punch.

Then Gunsmith Childers led them down the road,
Breaking down guns so they wouldn’t corrode.
Ports were cleaned & chokes took a bath.
Bore snakes swept barrels with a cleansing wrath.

This bold group of ladies went home knowing much more,
Empowered by knowledge & friendships galore!
Routine maintenance will now occur
With a gun & a toolkit just for “her!”


It is often said to never underestimate the power and determination of a woman.  On February 11, 2018, a band of ladies met on a cold winter day, determined to shoot their shotguns and learn how to properly maintain them.  It would have been easy for this group of ladies to sleep in on a day where the “feels like” temperature hovered near freezing.  But this was not your typical group of ladies, and even the mercury level on the thermometer couldn’t stop them.

Back inside the heated pavillion, the ladies had an opportunity to visit with each other; meeting new members and catching up with longtime friends. They traded in their coffee for lemonade and continued to chat and visit during lunch.

Fred Childers, a U.S. veteran and long-time gunsmith at Briley, graciously led them in an informative and hands-on workshop.  Direct instruction was given on how to properly clean and maintain shotguns for optimum safety that would also increase the longevity of the firearm.




Registered participants went home “empowered” with knowledge and the necessary tools/supplies that are needed to properly maintain and clean their shotguns.

Proper care and maintenance of your shotgun will not only keep it working properly, but it will provide hours of safer, hassle-free shooting.
That way….you can focus on the shots you know you can make!

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