Tour de Clays-Stop #4-Greater Houston Gun Club-November 3, 2018 (Read More)

Tour de Clays-Stop #4
Greater Houston Gun Club
6700 McHard Road
Houston, Texas 77053

November 3, 2018


The Lady Clay Shooters couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for shooting on their visit to Greater Houston Gun Club on the fourth stop of the Tour de Clays.  A crisp cool breeze welcomed shooters as they congregated under the pavillion to visit, share a cup of coffee, and to have a bite to eat.  While approximately 40 women gathered around, it was hard to decide what would be the biggest treat of the day-the perfectly laid out clay course or the coolers and baskets full of goodies being packed in for the picnic lunch.  After our customary safety briefing, our ladies piled into their carts with snack baggies of goodies for their “Pit Stop” on the Tour, and shotguns ready for some action.

It wasn’t long, before shouts of “Pull” filled the stations and targets were shattering. The Lady Clay Shooters experienced some low crossing targets and some high incomers that seemed like they would never make it within shooting range. There was a lot of laughter, some debate on where the perfect spot to hit the target was, some X’s, some O’s, and an occasional photo shoot.

Lunch was no disappointment either.  Mounds of chicken salad, pimento cheese, and cold cuts made their way onto plates along with salads, baked beans, chilis, and chips. And even if you had not saved room for dessert, it was just too tempting to say no when you took a peek at the abundant array of sweets.

All too soon it was time to pack up our empty dishes and guns and head back home.  Naturally, the parking lot was filled with hugs, laughter, and of course conversations about the targets we hit and the ones we missed.  Just like always, the Tour de Clays was all about you and your shooting. No awards were given for this event-just fun, laughter, friendship, and good target practice.

The Lady Clay Shooters would like to thank the Greater Houston Gun Club for their hospitality and the great target presentations.  Greater Houston Gun Club (GHGC) is located just 20 minutes south of downtown Houston.  GHGC was established in 1959 and is known throughout the area for its variety of target presentations, friendly staff, and immaculately groomed courses.  As with every stop on the Tour de Clays, this was an excellent opportunity to shoot a different venue, meet Little Girl (the friendliest, hungriest and most overfed pup in town), and break some clays with fellow female shooters.

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